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Harmony Central Chorus has some big news! We are moving to a new “home.” While we’ve enjoyed the audiences and foot traffic of rehearsing in Merle Hay Mall, we are really looking forward to our new rehearsal space at Franklin Junior High in Des Moines. Here’s the thing - Franklin isn’t really a Jr High anymore - it is a school building that is being transformed into a multi-use facility that will include a center for the arts. We will be taking the old choir room for our chorus’ weekly rehearsals—and will have rooms to use for breakout sessions and storage space as well!

Music. Notes on a page. Sounds of harmony and dissonance, falling on the eardrums of a listener. Chord progressions producing tension and release. Seems pretty simple, really. Do these words accurately describe music? Or is it something more?

The members of Harmony Central chorus looked forward to a weekend of growth, as we gained insight into the deeper meaning of the songs we sing. 

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