Moving Along!


Harmony Central Chorus has some big news! We are moving to a new “home.” While we’ve enjoyed the audiences and foot traffic of rehearsing in Merle Hay Mall, we are really looking forward to our new rehearsal space at Franklin Junior High in Des Moines. Here’s the thing - Franklin isn’t really a Jr High anymore - it is a school building that is being transformed into a multi-use facility that will include a center for the arts. We will be taking the old choir room for our chorus’ weekly rehearsals—and will have rooms to use for breakout sessions and storage space as well! We’re really looking forward to having many of our performances in this same building on the “small” auditorium stage (a perfect size for our audiences, seating 550) which offers media screens and great flexibility for us! One of the great benefits of this relocation is that we are able to use this stage for rehearsals whenever it’s not in use.

Fun fact: the last time Regionals were hosted here in Des Moines (we were part of Region 20 at the time), the large auditorium in this same building was where it was held! We confess to hoping that this might be a spot for future regional competitions some day.

While the site and the rooms themselves are exciting for us, it is really the vision behind the redevelopment of the building that makes us look forward to being a part of the community there. The owner and the manager were so excited to hear us and bring us on board. Other artists already have a presence in the building and more will continue to take up residence as the development continues. The vision of synergy and others lifting others to expose our community to all the types of art being created in Des Moines. We’ll gain support and have opportunities we weren’t aware of in the past. Plus, we are some of the first to sign on and can support this vision!