Our Leadership

Nathan Green, Director

Harmony Central has had many fine directors over the years and is pleased to have Nathan Green as our current director. He has been barbershopping since he was 8 years old and has extensive experience singing in barbershop choruses and quartets, includling his current group, Vox Humana. He is the Music Specialist at West Des Moines Christian Church, and he lives in Ankeny with his wife Sarah and his two sons, where he loves playing guitar, piano, and writing music. 




Management team Music Team

Chris McCormick, Team Coordinator

Pam Redford, Vice Team Coordinator

Christine Marchand, Communications Coordinator

Judy Engeltjes, Finance Coordinator

Cheryl Koenig, Special Events Coordinator

Sheryl Neal, Education Coordinator

Betty Torgerson, Membership Coordinator

Kim Nikkels, Physical Assets Coordinator

Nathan Green, Director

Charyl Barr, Assistant Director and Tenor Section Specialist

Pam Redford, Lead Section Specialist

Sheryl Neal, Baritone Section Specialist

Patti Albert, Bass Section Specialist

Nathan Green, Director Coordinator