1/23/19 - Connecting the dots - Harmony Central's Advance 2019


Music. Notes on a page. Sounds of harmony and dissonance, falling on the eardrums of a listener. Chord progressions producing tension and release. Seems pretty simple, really. Do these words accurately describe music? Or is it something more?

The members of Harmony Central chorus looked forward to a weekend of growth, as we gained insight into the deeper meaning of the songs we sing. 

Our coach Mo Field is a gifted communicator, drawing authentic emotions out of each singer, allowing the music to reach inside and connect us with each other and with our audience. Human to human. We began the weekend knowing our music, but we came away with an emotional connection to the music and to each other through this shared experience.

Music is...Emotions expressed. Authenticity revealed. Humanity shared. It was a great weekend!